Twitter Marketing for your Business Marketing Strategy

Why use Twitter Marketing for my Business?

Before talking about Twitter marketing, let’s talk about Twitter itself. Twitter is one of the best known social media platforms that has been around for along time, since 2006, and that was designed with the goal of connecting users in real time. It allows users or followers to share and exchange information with other followers, customers and competitors. It allows users to post messages called tweets. These can be text tweet, image or video and are limited in length to 280 characters per tweet.

Twitter is an extremely popular social network for audiences, with high engagement rates, and one of the best for product and service promotions, because it is still growing at this time. It has become one of the most popular feed or microblogging services with over 220 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs). At any time, on any given day, mDAUs represent people who log in and use Twitter through its website and applications, and who are able to view its advertisements. Every business needs a Twitter strategy and invest in Twitter marketing efforts. Tweet by tweet, every tweet counts.

Is a Twitter Marketing Strategy important for my Business?

Twitter is first and foremost a community of audiences and potential customers. It is a community which is constantly on the move, and updated with every tweet. It is a community which likes to share what they like (for example a tweet or a hashtag) with their audiences.

If your business, product or service has any connection to the internet audiences, Twitter is a must. It is a great channel through which you can disseminates information about your topics, one tweet at a time. It is a channel through which that information can find its way to your followers and potential customers. So if you do not use Twitter for your business, you are missing out on a lot.

What are some benefits of using Twitter Marketing for Social Media Marketing?

Twitter has grown into much more than a social platform over the years. Today, audiences consisting of millions of people, use Twitter to connect with others and to share and discover new information, products and services. Now everybody nows what a tweet is, and what hashtag is.

Here are some of the things you can do for your business on Twitter, and the associated benefits:

  • Do some research. You can find out about the Twitter users who are following you and take a look at who else they follow. You can find similar products or businesses to the ones which you are offering.
  • Search for information related to your target audience. You can look at tweets directed at your target audience. Or you can see what types of questions they have about products and services they are interested in.
  • Find influencers. An influencer is a person who has the ability to affect others. Usually is someone who is respected and has a high following. You can look at their Twitter bio (or Twitter profile), profile picture or image, and their follower count and see whether they have a big enough following for making joint or paid promotions.
  • Research direct or indirect competitors. You can do this by searching for your competitor’s brands. Once you’ve found their brands, you can take a look at what they are doing and promoting. You can look at the tweets and see who is posting about your competitors. You can also see what other people are saying about them and identify some relevant hashtags or hashtag. This can help you see who is talking about their brand and who you could connect with.

Are there more benefits of Twitter Marketing?

Lets explore even more benefits related to twitter as an effective marketing platform:

  • Create relationships and start a conversation by answering questions about your topic or the topic that they are interested in. Customers love to ask questions  and engage in conversation before they place an order. And there can be other people on Twitter who might have the same questions. You can listen to them, learn about their needs and doubts, and then answer their questions with a simple tweet, an image, or even a video. You can even offer from your catalog related products that solve their problems or needs.
  • Track your Social Media Marketing campaing using Twitter Analytics. Twitter Analytics offer different metrics and simple indicators that will allow you to understand what is working and what needs your attention. For example, your current engagement rates and what hashtag is working, or what hashtag is not working. With Twitter analytics you can also understand how Twitter users interact with your text, image or video posts.
  • Run Twitter ads for paid promotions. Not everybody needs to run Twitter ads, but they can be valuable as a complement to your organic growth efforts to increase engagement rates. For ads, you can use a text tweet, an image or a video.

The power of a Twitter Marketing Strategy, one tweet and one hashtag at a time, to increase engagement rates

Businesses can tweet links to their products or services, update people about news or events, and alert followers to sales and promotions using relevant hashtags or hashtag. Also, they can engage with customers, respond to comments and questions, and to discuss industry news and hashtag trends.

Twitter is also a valuable tool to allow people to easily share their opinions, both good and bad. Every business should carefully consider whether Twitter and Twitter ads are appropriate channeles for it’s marketing needs.

Twitter Analytics is also a powerful way to understand the details of your campaigns and your overall Twitter marketing strategy. You can track results against measurable goals, and identify where you should invest more in terms of your Twitter marketing efforts.

Twitter to reach your audiences and grow your followers

Twitter is one of the Most Important Digital Marketing Platforms and a powerful marketing tool that your business needs to succeed. A Twitter strategy for both organic and paid promotions is important to get the desired results from your Twitter marketing efforts.

It’s widely-used by many of the leading brands to get high engagement rates on social media. The usage of social-media platforms is becoming more and more important for marketers as it’s seen as a vital element for digital marketing. From SEO to branding, Twitter is an important tool in every aspect of digital marketing.

Twitter provides an ideal solution for businesses which want to promote their products. Twitter provides the opportunity to connect with customers, find influencers, spread news and information, and to make themselves known. Your simple Twitter handle, Twitter bio or Twitter profile, and profile picture are great places to start your efforts, by including updated information.