Discovery / On-boarding

General Information

Basics about you and your company
Only point-of-contact within your organization, responsible for all approvals, permissions and payments
Where your target audience gathers and is more engaged with your messaging.
Who do you serve
Products, Services, Solutions, Results, Offers

Current Campaign Strategy and Channels

What are you currently doing and how it is working for you
Problems you solve for your audience and how you solve them, how do you enhance their live/experience.
How do you help them solve their problems. List every possible valuable differentiators. Features, Benefits, Advantages. What makes you unique.
Include as much detail as possible: Company name, website URL, social media accounts, etc.
Complete Sales process, how do you convert leads into clients. Online? On the phone? In person?
Overall message you want to get across to your audience. What they should know, feel and do? Other brand guidelines.
Social Media presence, Ads, Email, Blog, Vlog, Podcast, etc. TV, radio, print, billboards, other.
Social Media scheduler, Email newsletter service, SEO tools, Media production, etc.
Everything you do on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Who is your target audience?

Include their characteristics and everything you know about them
How old (age) are they? Gender? Where do they live? Employment? Income range? Etc.
What are their interests? (Likes, dislikes) What are their Goals? (Dreams, Desires) What are their pain points or needs? (Fears, Challenges) What are their common/shared experiences?
Platforms they typically consume media and Ads? Technology they use? Behavior information?

Service goals and metrics?

Describe how success looks like to you

Specific Video Optimizations and Requirements

Additional Details

Your approval process, invoicing details, other special project requirements, etc.
Maximum upload size: 11MB
Your Logos, Images, Videos, Detailed Customer Avatar, Brand Design Guidelines, other required files.

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